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There are a lot of stigmas surrounding the word “internship.” Coffee delivering, paper filing, shelf-organizing (otherwise known as grunt work), tends to be the stereotypical duties of interns at many different advertising firms. I, however, was lucky enough to never do any of these tasks. It would be impossible to sum up this summer completely in 5 ways, but here is my best shot at explaining why being an intern at JB Chicago was the best choice I made for my summer internship.

1. The people.

I’m not kidding when I say the people here rock. Everyone has their quirks and characteristics that make JB one of the most unique companies I have ever been a part of. Working with a smaller group of people has allowed me to get to know who I was working with much better compared to an agency with over 100 people. Being able to shout across the room to someone rather than sending him or her an email made the agency feel more connected in ways that are hard to explain. JB Chicago is a true testament to the theory of quality over quantity.

2. The clients.

Chicago is and always will be home to me. In saying that, the majority of JB’s clients are companies that are locally based in the downtown area. Being able to meet with clients and learn about their beginning roots in this amazing city just made me appreciate Chicago even more than I already did. Food and drink providers bringing in their tasty products also helped my love for this company grow, obviously. JB also does pro-bono marketing for charities, which not only gave me that much more experience, but was rewarding at the same time.

3. The atmosphere.

I was lucky enough to begin my internship just as the agency was relocating to their upgraded office space. Located in the heart of River North and right next to the L, transportation was a breeze and the best bars for happy hour were waiting for me after work just a few blocks away. The best part was that the dress code allowed me to be myself, rather than sitting uncomfortably all day in business casual. Lunch breaks on the rooftop of the building were another added bonus.

4. The work.

Like I said before, grabbing coffee and filing papers were not on the list of duties assigned to this internship. As the Account Management and Social Media Intern, JB included me in brand idea presentations and creative platform presentations. For multiple projects, I was able to see them out from start to finish, and participate in creative brainstorms that fueled the strategies for companies to begin with. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to examine their creative process and learn how it works. I have the utmost respect for these individuals, solely because they put their all into their clients’ work.

5. The freedom to think. 

At JB Chicago, there is no bad idea. Even as an intern, they pushed me to come up with creative ideas for clients and encouraged any idea I had at all. I never felt like I couldn’t pitch in my thoughts or had to keep a guard up. It was a very comfortable environment to get the creative juices going. Within five minutes of everyone gathering around the center table, ideas were shot out left and right. It was in these instances that clients’ brand strategies and creative strategies were born. It was also in these instances that I felt most involved.


JB Chicago was a great experience and I am very sad to be leaving this place for my final year in college. Thank you JB for a great summer!



The intern who doesn’t want to leave