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Video Marketing. I mean… you see it everywhere, don’t you? Especially with the power of YouTube. It’s almost as if the good, old traditional print ads are starting to slowly diminish.


So, why is that?


If you guessed it’s because we actually remember and respond more positively to moving visuals, then you’re spot on!


Social Times explains that 2015 was dubbed “the year of video marketing,” and the predictions up until 2017 seem even more rapid. They predicted that by 2017, 67% of consumer internet traffic would be from video marketing. And Forbes states that by 2019, 80% of consumer internet traffic will be from video marketing. That’s insane! As of right now, it is 50% more likely that consumers will remember information from a video ad, and about 96% will click redirecting links after watching a video ad. But what happens when the internet becomes completely oversaturated with these ads? This might be where style is much more interesting than trendiness.


This is where the creative placement comes in, as moving videos will be anywhere on a website. Perhaps the “About Us” section will have a video rather than text. Or the landing page to a website will not be an oversized trendy picture that takes up the whole screen, but will simply be an oversized strategically branded hero video. You see how things are progressing?


Malcom Gladwell would say that this video trend has officially tipped. And I’m very excited to see how creative we can get until we’ve officially moved onto the next big thing.