Raising consciousness, community, and capital

In order to reposition their brand in the eyes of donors and connect with a new base of people looking to improve their local communities, Wheat Ridge recognized the importance of sharing their story (and their grant offerings) in a concise, compelling way. It took some re-thinking, re-tooling and restructuring, but together we crafted a story and subsequent work that resonates and rings true.

Big ideas

Brand Idea

For more than 100 years, Wheat Ridge Ministries has served and bettered their community. But the beauty of what they did wasn’t being told through their name. So we recommended a new name that spoke to their mission: We Raise, which is the name of their current crowd-funding site. It felt natural; this is a company with a grant focus on Christian non-profits fighting poverty, violence, and inequality, and this name reflects the mission of lifting up those in need. This was the brand idea as well, communicating to prospective grantees and donors alike that this company serves as a solutions-oriented partner, ready to help take on life’s biggest challenges.

Creative Branding

Layering a bright, bold new color palette and photography, we were able to bring We Raise’s mission to life. We created a a new logo with strong, aspirational typography and an icon representing growth and the three primary focuses of the organization: Education, Workforce Development, and Criminal Justice. We introduced texture through city imagery, nodding to where We Raise roots are: Chicagoland.

Smart Tactics

Web Design

We brought the creative branding to life in an engaging, results-driven new website for We Raise. Donations sustain their organization, so we knew that the main call-to-action for visitors was to give. By utilizing We Raise’s trove of real donor and grantee stories and putting them at the forefront, visitors quickly get to know the heart and mission of the organization.