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In the era of “Gilmore Girls”, Will & Grace”, and “Full House” revivals, the marketing innovation surrounding TV-show reboots are on a rise. In 2016, people went into a frenzy over the release of “Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life”. It only created more chaos when Netflix announced they would offer Luke’s Diner pop-ups across the United States. The campaign proved to be a major success across social media platforms, as pop-ups tend to. The trend of nostalgia-themed campaigns has proven to be successful for major companies like Netflix and now ABC.

ABC announced the revival of “Roseanne” just last year, and already fans are excited for the shows comeback. In an effort to raise awareness, the company has transformed a New York City subway into the Conner’s living room. The installation looks like it came straight off the set of “Roseanne”, and ABC hopes it will get people excited about the reboot premiering March 27th. This of course will become a highlight on social media platforms, or at least that is the hope. According to the EVP of Marketing for ABC, “We just want people to embrace the family that they knew and loved, but understand that time has passed. But hopefully they’ll enjoy spending the time with them just as much as they did several years ago,” said Rebecca Daugherty. Only four days in and already the excitement has been buzzing on social media. People are just excited to get a ride on the themed train.

If you’re located in Chicago, try not to get too jealous you’ll be missing the installation. The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” pop-up is coming to Lincoln Park’s Replay soon. From March 7th to 17th, customers will be able to enjoy Paddy’s Pub in all its glory. But, we never know when the next installation will break out of the traditional pop-up scene and into our CTA trains. Here’s to hoping the next innovative marketing installation lands in Chicago.