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It can be difficult to narrow down article topics week by week. This week especially, there has been so much news to cover. In the interest of trying something new, we have three stories instead of one. In the lineup there is everything from mushroom leather shoes to “Mayochup”. Here’s the latest:

3.  The mixture of mayo and ketchup now has a name: Mayochup. For years the people who love this combination have created their own name for it, but thanks to the 1 million people who asked Heinz to produce the product, it’s now official. The chaos started with Heinz created a Twitter poll asking if consumers wanted “mayochup” to be released in stores. If 500,000 voted yes, they would distribute. We’re not sure whether Heinz was surprised or not to find that 1 million people said yes, but that’s the response they received. Now the company has another social media game for consumers to play, which is naming the new sauce. They want to know whether Americans like the name “Mayochup” or if they can come up with something better. The release date is TBA, but while you wait for the launch you can let Heinz know what to name the combination.

2. Ever wanted to have the speed and convenience of Uber in a rental car company? Consider it done. Getaround and Uber have joined together to offer Uber users car rentals via Getaround. The new Uber rental platform is scheduled to launch later this month in San Fransisco. We hope it makes it to Chicago before the end of summer so we can skip the train for out of town weekend getaways!


3.  Looking for new ways to be environmentally conscious? Check out these vegan shoes made from mushroom leather, cork, natural rubber, and recycled bottles. The new footwear concept comes from German designer sneaker brand nat-2 (founded by Sebastian Thies), Nina Fabert of Zynder (a mushroom leather goods maker), and a small family-owned manufacturer in Italy. The price of the sneakers runs about $430, but that’s a small price to pay for being environmentally friendly.