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Between television subscription services and advertisement skipping tools I have to ask myself, “Are television ads still relevant?” With so many resources available to skip advertisements, it’s safe to wonder why any brand would continue to spend millions of dollars on television ads. But while we may think that television advertisements are on the demise, there are a few key advantages why businesses should consider utilizing this medium.


Segmentation. One of the benefits to advertising on television is that channels can be highly segmented. In the world of cable, there are thousands of channels with niche content and specific demographics watching them. Advertisers are able to specifically target their audience at one time instead of trying to reach the same amount of people on multiple platforms. Not only is it cheaper to reach your audience at one time, brands will be able to constantly repeat their message as well.


Reach. Television is the most used medium today with 96.7% of Americans owning at least one television (New York Times). This form of mass media is able spread information and awareness to more users than any other form of communication. Other mediums, such as social media or magazines, make it harder to reach potential customers since there is a limit to how many people use them.


Senses. Advertising on television allows brands to appeal to consumers through multi-sensory content. Brands are able to use sight, sound and motion to their advantage when attempting to capture peoples’ attention and leave a long-lasting impact. With print advertising, brands are limited to what senses they can appeal to, therefore making it easier for consumers to skip over your message. Even though we have the tendency to not pay attention during commercials, appealing to a variety of senses makes it easier to grab viewers’ attention.


Throughout the constant changes in advertising, the rise in social media, TiVo and subscription viewing sites, television has held its own. Although advertisers may argue advertising on television is going out of style, it still can be advantageous for your brand to utilize.