In E-commerce

Amazon has completely changed the e-commerce market, and no one can dispute that. However, some consumers are beginning to lean away from Amazon and other similar big-box retailers. In comparison to the mass selection of products Amazon offers consumers, niche e-tailers offer a simplified way to shop with a more meaningful customer experience. It appears that consumers are still looking to shop niche, even with a same-day shipping option at their fingertips. As an online retail giant, Amazon has learned to target to the masses, but that doesn’t always resinate with consumers on an individual level.

The search for niche online retailers has resulted in the rise of sites such as Brandies, Boxed, and Dote. Brandless, where consumers can purchase products for three dollars or less, is shying away from brand names entirely. In order to save on food, personal care, and household goods, the company has “generic-fied” it’s products so that consumer aren’t stuck paying extra for a brand name.

The company also offers natural and certified organic products at an affordable price. Overall, the brand is speaking to online shoppers and changing the norm of grocery delivery.

Other brands such as Boxed and Dote, are meeting consumers exactly where they want to be met. Boxed is basically an online Costco or Sam’s Club, where consumers can buy their favorite brands in bulk. Consumers that are looking for all their favorite brands in one place can shop on Dote, an app that plays as a mobile mall.


According to researchers, shopping big-box online retailers like Amazon and Walmart might be a thing of the past. Much like how retail experienced a major hit in the last few years, the online versions may soon be in for the same decline. Now that millennials are the buying generation, companies will start seeing a major shift in shopping experiences and habits.