Live the pizza life

Pizza is life, and in that life, taste reigns supreme. But that cheesy, meaty deliciousness you love doesn’t need to come with a large side of carbs. Which is why Real Good Pizza Co. came to us for help telling folks that they could be enjoying healthy, protein-packed pizza that actually tastes phenomenal.

Big ideas

Brand Idea

Our client approached us with the goal of introducing a new frozen pizza in the retail space. Its differentiator: the pizza is high-protein and low-carb AND tastes great. We wanted to make sure consumers knew the pizza both out-tastes the natural pizzas and is healthier than premium pizzas. In an effort to hit on both points, we developed the brand idea (which also became the brand name): real good pizza.

Creative Branding

Our goal was to make sure our design spoke to three distinct audiences: millennials, health-conscious consumers (like moms and low-carb dieters) and good-old pizza lovers. We focused on creating a fresh design that would appeal to each of these audiences and stand out in the space. We did this by using bold black and red colors and playful copy, fonts and patterns that incorporated pizza imagery and ingredients.

Smart Tactics

Package Design

Instead of using a photo of pizza on the box like Real Good Pizza Co.’s competitors, we decided to utilize a cut-out window so we could show, instead of tell, our customers the great quality of the product they’d be getting. We designed this cut-out in the shape of a “thumbs up” sign – a symbol that invokes positive feelings for each of our audiences. We then introduced complementary color for the two additional flavors.