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Brands have been using product placement as an advertising tool since most of us can remember. It’s always been around in movies and TV shows, but now the attention has turned to social media platforms. With millions of views per video, Tasty, an extension of Buzzfeed, has focused in on one of the newer angles of product placement. Having recently teamed up with Glad and Migos, the exposure for all brands involved is endless. This rings true for most brands on social media, according to more than 45% of people watch at least an hour of video on platforms like Facebook weekly. For those of you who are addicted to watching those 50-second videos of food being prepared (same), then you’re most likely also guilty of downloading the Tasty app. If that’s the case, brands like Glad have made it easier for you to purchase their product via the app. This feature is much like how Instagram allows us to shop accounts, except now when you see that press ‘n’ seal in action it can be in your cart in seconds. The most unlikely tie-in is probably Migos pushing their single “Stri-fry” in a Tasty video. The idea is clever, but also extremely unexpected.

Another way to purchase in the app is via Walmart. Tasty also has a section dedicated to “Shop Our Walmart Picks,” where viewers can choose anything from kitchen gadgets to tupperware. The partnerships are endless here people, and Buzzfeed isn’t the only brand in on the action. Grubhub, a food delivery service, featured a partnership with ABC network last fall. The campaign gave consumers the opportunity to match up their favorite show to restaurants they could order from. This being last fall, Grubhub wasn’t up to speed on creating a point of purchase for their partner. However, the partnership itself proved to be successful for both parties involved.

This latest strategy has plans to change the online shopping scene for many. It is very likely we’ll see this tactic move into more spaces throughout this year.