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A new month means new product updates, and two of the biggest social media platforms are launching new features to create a better brand experience for users and to help up their marketing game. Here is a sneak peek into Twitter and Instagram’s new features.



Twitter. Everyone dreads being “on hold” with customer service reps for hours, but fear no more! Twitter is launching a new chat feature through direct messaging. This chat feature allows users to direct message brands with questions such as an update on the status of an order. This feature is predicted to be wildly successful due to the convenience and speed it will offer for the customer. It removes the frustration spent searching for answers on websites or having to constantly be transferred over the phone. Twitter believes this new feature will create better customer relationships and ultimately lead to increased brand loyalty. By encouraging quick responses, it should lead to a better customer experience and repeat customers.




Instagram. Instagram has launched a new beta feature for brands to tag their products on posts that will directly lead them to the product on their website. This feature will allow customers to shop directly from Instagram instead of having to search for the product on the company’s website. As ecommerce accounts for 20 percent of all business, with mobile growing at an accelerated rate (Adweek), this feature should connect customers with the products they want to buy more quickly. Instagram is launching this new feature with J.Crew, Kate Spade, Warby Parker and Macy’s to see if it helps add brand value and increase sales.