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You’ve probably heard of meal prepping before, and if you don’t do it yourself, at the very least you know someone on Instagram that does. In the age of all things aesthetically pleasing, branding has become heavily influenced by consumers and trends. Meal prep is the latest target with brands like Terra’s Kitchen, Sakara Life and Plated joining in on the latest branding tactic. The clean backgrounds and vibrant colors of food found in #mealprep is an indicator of what you might see in some of the meal prep brands. The simplistic packaging makes for a concrete sell to the meal preppers of the world, who are more than likely to share their work via social media.

Consumers may only have to open their front door to have access to all their meal prep needs. Food delivery services are nothing new to consumers, but the idea that meal prep labor can be minimized is huge. For those people who simply don’t have time or don’t like to meal prep themselves, the solution that has been formed for them are provided by companies like Terra’s Kitchen and Sakara Life. These companies will send you a vessel of neatly organized meals that consumers just need to grab and go. It’s the ultimate solution to both not having to cook and eating healthy. Consumers can customize how much effort they want to contribute to their meal prep, with brands like Plated and Blue Apron sending the ingredients needed to make planned meals and companies like Sakara Life sending already prepared meals. The meal prep trend has also given food service delivery brands a new category to work with that may help their brand with free advertising. Just check out the hashtag #sakaralife on Instagram and you’ll find over 6,000 photos that are not posted via the company’s account.

According to, losing weight/eating healthier is the number one New Year’s resolution annually. With the overwhelming need for healthy food options in the first few months of the year, the current spotlight on meal prep is perfectly timed.









Whether you’re interested in losing weight, living a healthier life, or just want something pretty to post on your feed, this new branding tactic might be something you’re interested in. We love our sweets here at JB, but have to admit the packaging is a game changer.