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There was a point in time when hearing from friends or knowing the latest news was more of a rare treat as opposed to something you could constantly check.


Social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others have made the world 10 times smaller. Anything that’s shared online could be seen by anyone, causing a positive or negative whirlwind. Someone in Tokyo could watch your “I love Chipotle” Vine, share it with their friends, and you could be Vine famous overnight.


I’m still waiting for my chance to be Internet famous, but right now, let’s check out some of the most viral social moments of 2014.





In February, the 2014 Winter Olympics took place in Sochi, Russia. The games created quite a buzz on the Internet, but not for what you’d think. Instead of the actual sports being the main event, athletes and journalists were getting retweeted for their hilarious and surreal tweets about their living conditions.


sochi 1     sochi 3

sochi 2     sochi 4




Super Bowl XLVIII


While everyone in Sochi was trying to survive, the U.S. was preparing for the most watched program in U.S. TV history, Super Bowl XLVIII. With the Seattle Seahawks going against the Denver Broncos, the majority of football fans were rooting for the Broncos because Peyton Manning had recently made the switch from Indy to Denver. Unfortunately, Broncos fans were highly let down when the Seahawks won the game 43 to 8.


The loss led to this iconic photo of a little fan crying during the game.


crying kid



Ellen’s Selfie


In March, Ellen hosted the 86th Academy Awards ceremony and made it an unforgettable night. Our girl J-Law fell down AGAIN, celebrities chowed down on some pizza, and Pharrell shimmied with Meryl Streep to his hit song “Happy.” But the most memorable moment of the Oscars was definitely Ellen’s celebrity selfie.


Not only did it crash Twitter, it broke the record for the most retweeted post of all time.





All by Myself (In the Airport)


We all have different ways of passing time at the airport, but Richard Dunn takes the cake. With nothing but his iPhone and a postponed flight, Dunn shot his very own music video to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself.”



The video received over 16.3 million views and led to Celine Dion and Dunn eventually meeting.



Brazil vs Germany


With people all over the world watching the World Cup this July, it was without a doubt one of the most talked about events. The most watched match was the final game between Brazil and Germany. If you didn’t watch it, spoiler alert: Germany CRUSHED Brazil. With a loss of 7 to 1, you can bet Brazil fans weren’t happy that their team lost, especially in their home country.


brazil vs germany



brazil vs germany 2



brazil vs. germany 3



Bonus: US vs Belgium


In addition to the Brazil and Germany game, the U.S. and Belgium game caused a huge stir in the states. Tim Howard, the U.S. Men’s goalie, gave a historic performance with 16 saves in one game. Although the team lost, fans lent their support and polished their Photoshop skills with Tim Howard memes. Someone even changed the U.S. Secretary of Defense from Chuck Hagel to Howard.


 tim howard     tim howard 2

tim howard 4     tim howard 3



With just a few more months left in 2014, you might think that’s it for all the big social media moments. However, news spreads like wildfire on the Internet, so I’m positive we’re going to have a few more huge things shake up the viral world this year. Let’s just hope they don’t involve any more fans ugly crying or people being forced to share double bathrooms.