In Digital

The latest in digital includes an app that allows consumers to track illnesses in their area. Introducing: Doctors Report, an app where users can search their area for forecasts of illnesses such as influenza A, pneumonia, bronchitis, strep throat, and more. The reports provide meters and maps as tools for a more precise understanding of the users own risk in getting sick. Data sources for these findings include government findings, insurance data, and patient reports. For those of you who have watched the news lately, this flu season has been a plentiful one. This new technology might be what consumers are looking for to manage their own health.

The app has features similar to those on WebMD, but Doctors Report is better designed and more specific to the user’s area. Doctors Report is great for folks who like to take in information visually rather than by reading. Whether on the app or on the website, a user can find graphs, charts, and maps that help them understand illness risk in their area. Users will find quick facts or full-articles pertaining to new or popular information, there is essentially something for every type of user.


Knox Spencer Associates saw a real need for this information in the market, which is why they created Doctors Report. “I think that common illnesses are underestimated by a lot of people,” says Daniel Shaw, CEO of Knox Spencer Associates. “It puts you out for a week, or ten days, and makes you feel miserable. I think that’s something important and worth knowing about. And also, of course, if you’re immune compromised or have other health problems which make common illness a greater threat, it’s even more important that you know what’s going on.”

The company is completely digital and only connects to users on a screen, which is a newer concept to healthcare that we see growing in years to come. However, it will interesting to see how this affects the healthcare industry and whether users appreciate this new app.