In Thought Leadership

Discouragement is a feeling that could cripple a creative at any time and, there needs to be proper action to take during a discouragement relapse. Discouragement is a natural emotion that is defined by the “loss of confidence or enthusiasm.” It’s an evil feeling that could last a minute, or even years. But have no fear, fellow creatives, because there’s a way to take on this feeling like a champ! Starting with one simple word: encouragement.


You see, encouragement is discouragement’s enemy. They are polar opposites, especially in the world of creativity. Encouragement is sent from the heavens of success and beauty, while discouragement is sent from the darkness of quitting and failure. The thing to remember here is that when fighting off evil, there needs to be good.


The best thing to do is to fully accept that discouragement is something that will creep into all of us at some point or another, and the key  is recognizing when its sneaky claws are getting ready to attack. Once we recognize it, this may be a good time to take a mental break or a walk. Or maybe try to keep pushing through and hold on to your confidence. So next time discouragement attacks, remember to remain calm, take a break and replace discouragement with encouragement.

Most importantly, remember that you are not alone. Just wait, because the feeling will pass. Then you can keep on creating!