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Consumers are no longer amused by the smoke and mirrors of advertising, and many have become more socially responsible. The demand for sustainable, natural products has risen and companies are having to adjust. And this shift isn’t just for the products, but for their advertising practices as well.

People are becoming more conscious of their environmental footprint, or at least they like to think they are. Brands that show love to the planet are the ones that are really pulling consumers their way. Honesty about the materials used or effects their products have on the environment can win brands big points with the environmentally conscious crowd. This establishes strong values associated with a brand, and people feel much more ecologically responsible when purchasing their products.

Beauty brands have also begun to take on a similar narrative with their campaigns. Emphasizing beauty as something that exists without a product makes consumers feel better than telling them they need the product to transform themselves. The main message is now to embrace your natural self. While this doesn’t necessarily promote a product, it does promote an idea. People want to feel good about themselves and creating ads that show the brand shares the same values as the consumer is what works most effectively.

When advertisers remove the gimmicks and show something natural, consumers are drawn to the honesty and realness of the message. This is done with product packaging as well, with ingredients clearly laid out on the front of the label. Transparency is attractive to consumers, but it’s not to say that advertisers will always be 100% honest. There are still ways to emphasize what they’re doing right while excluding pertinent information that may shine the company in a  negative light.

But overall, the narrative has shifted and companies better get in line.