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The shaving brand, Billie, was recently praised for being the first ever women’s razor to show hair in their advertising. Most brands show silky smooth armpits and legs in all of their commercials. So… why would these women be shaving their already hairless bodies?

In men’s shaving commercials you always see the actual act of shaving as the beard comes off. Women shouldn’t be any different. Why are we so afraid of showing hair on a woman’s body when we all have it?

The natural elements of the woman’s body have become a taboo. The media avoids talking about body hair, stretch marks, cellulite, menstrual cycles, etc. We’ve been taught that these things make us flawed rather than just human. There’s a negative connotation surrounding most parts of the body which are actually very normal. There are also some aspects that are avoided entirely.

Menstrual product advertisements typically show women wearing all white, frolicking through meadows. They also strictly use a blue liquid when demonstrating the product. Bodyform was the first brand to use red liquid on their products as part of their campaign called #bloodnormal, which works to normalize periods in the media. They fully grasped the idea that maybe we’re not all out there doing backflips or heading to the beach in our string bikinis, maybe we’re just laying at home eating ice cream out of the pint and still needing a great product to fit our needs. There’s this existing idea that we should keep periods on the down low when in reality it’s something women deal with constantly in their day-to-day lives.   

And would it be so crazy to have a makeup commercial show people with uneven skin or pimples using the product? I don’t want to know how someone with already flawless skin looks like with better coverage. The current way makeup is marketed makes no effort to be relatable. Sure they talk about the different types of skin, but rarely will they ever show it. Instead, they show us glowing goddesses rather than real human beings with everyday skin. We need to see natural, and not the media’s current version of it.

The media is so hesitant to show the raw beauty of women. The reality is we all have body hair, and I can promise you our go-to outfit isn’t an all-white ensemble during our time of the month. We need to be showing the acne, the flawed skin, and the hair — the reasons we have these products in the first place. We should be embracing the body that gets us out of bed every morning and not hiding what that the media has declared “flaws.”