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In 2010, an app that would change the photo sharing world as we know it came into existence. By 2011, it had already raised $7 million and attracted over 12 million users. Fast-forward seven years, and Instagram is now not only a photo sharing app, but also a creative platform for brands. Whether it’s showcasing the company’s personality or launching visual advertisements for products, companies have jumped on the Insta bandwagon. Here is why your should, too.

1. Instagram is the 2nd most popular media network in the world after Facebook

According to PEW Research, roughly 30% of all online adults utilize Instagram for both professional and personal use. This offers companies a massive (and FREE!) database to work with that contains current and potential consumers. Not only that, but with the simple use of hashtags and tagged locations, it’s profoundly easier for companies to be found by users in the discover section than other traditional advertising methods.

2. Sponsored posts look identical to posts by friends and family

It’s estimated that one person can be exposed to about 5,000 advertisements in one day alone. Consumers are bombarded with meaningless messages constantly. However, they willingly go on Instagram to view photos and videos from friends and family. As a result, they are forced to scroll past sponsored ads in order to keep moving through their news feeds. At first, you may think this would come as an annoyance for users. However, the posts from these companies look exactly the same as the personal users. This encourages companies to not look as “spamy” and actually entertain followers. This leads to my third point…

3. Visual, Visual, Visual, Visual

Instagram is an entertainment app. Users go on it to be entertained and to take a break from work or home life. The importance of being visually captivating with advertisements has arguably never been more important for companies to accomplish than with Instagram. Users are going to scroll past your advertisement no matter what. If you can create content that captures their attention long enough to stop and look, you’ll have what I like to call “Insta success.”