Spreading hope for the hopeless

Hope For The Silent Voices (HFSV) is a not-for-profit organization founded to bring attention and resources to the severely abused and disadvantaged across the globe. This resilient community of volunteers came to JB seeking our assistance in creating an engaging online presence that matched their unwavering generosity and courage.

Big ideas

Because HFSV is about giving hope to children who have been the victims of trafficking and extreme poverty, we wanted to design an optimistic logo that also pays homage to some of the struggles these people face. The distressed font was chosen because this organization travels to struggling countries to rescue children who have weathered unbearable circumstances. The red in the logo represents strength, love, passion and action, while the dove signifies hope. The combination of these elements conveys how HFSV’s mission is shining a light on the vulnerable amidst the chaos of the world.

Smart Tactics

Social Media

With social media serving as a powerful tool for communication and visibility, we translated HFSV’s new look to their social media platforms. We continue to grow their social audience and donor base by running Facebook Page Like ads that encourage people to follow the page and support the mission. To encourage donations that help the organization prepare for their impact trips, we’ve implemented Donation ads that drive people to the HFSV website, where they can see exactly how their contribution helps those in need.


To help HFSV continue their mission, we developed a new website to spread awareness and garner donations. We feature real volunteer stories on the homepage, bringing to life the importance of their work in Southeast Asia and around the globe. The real heroes are the people involved, so we let them speak for themselves with large image headers, a blog-style story gallery and purposeful copy.