Take it from a Good Guy

Officer Jim Mullen of the Chicago Police Department makes apples&sauce — aka, applesauce so good, it deserves its own category. After becoming paralyzed in the line of duty, Jim was inspired to use his mom’s own recipe to make applesauce the way it was meant to be made. Plus, a portion of every sale is donated to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. Jim approached JB for help rebranding his product with a new name — Good Guy’s — and innovative packaging to help achieve increased velocity.

Big ideas

Brand Idea

When learning about Jim’s story and the exceptional way he makes his product, we knew we far beyond the applesauce shelf. So we developed a new name: Good Guy’s apples&sauce. This combined both Jim’s history as a Chicago police officer and the new category we were creating. Not to mention, this is a snack that’s free of GMOs and gluten, minimally processed, and all natural with no water or sugar added. Leading us to the tagline: It’s divine.

Creative Branding

Good Guy’s apples&sauce needed assistance in targeting its product to more of an adult audience. After a little research, we decided to go with a modern version of the feeling evoked by Grandma’s house, giving adults a dose of nostalgia while introducing kids to a new experience.

Smart Tactics


Package Design + Print Marketing

We updated the new package to have more of a throwback vibe, relating back to that homemade scrumptious taste found in apples&sauce. We achieved this with a slab serif and condensed font combination with hints of apple illustrations sprinkled throughout. We kept things simple and clean, so you clearly see the health benefits and Officer Mullen’s story, which are the key differentiators here.

For the printed materials, we took elements from the package and mixed them up a bit. We turned those apple illustrations into a delightful pattern and played up the color palette to keep the reader engaged.