Ready, set, GoHydrate!

In a convenient store aisle full of sugary sports drinks, MeStrength was the one water enhancer that supplied your body with instant hydration, electrolytes, and delicious flavor without chemicals or a high calorie count. But the trouble was the brand name. It implied the product was only for hardcore athletes, and that meant everyone else was missing out on that much needed energizing sports beverage they could feel good about drinking. That’s why MeStrength came to JB – to construct a brand name and story that spoke to the products wide range of health benefits.

Big ideas

Brand Idea

When crafting a new messaging for this client, we knew that we had to put one idea at the front of every potential customer’s mind: hydration. And while that was a good start, we also needed to add a little dynamic energy to the new product name. So in order to appeal to hardcore athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday people who just need a boost of convenient energy, we decided on a brand name and tagline that satisfied all of our needs: grab and GoHydrate.

Creative Branding

In order to create imagery that appeals to athletes, people on the go, and everyone in between, we needed to make sure that the creative spoke to all these demographics. But the number one priority was not looking like every other athletic beverage brand. Our solution: clean, simple design. We also wanted to add subtle, playful elements that spoke to each customer. We added bright colors and fun patterns which made the brand more approachable in a sophisticated way. In the end, we differentiated GoHydrate in the market by not only appealing to hardcore athletes, but also grabbing the attention of the on the go consumers.

Package Design

We found it important to select a bright, universal color that could be used across all the SKUs and also complemented each GoHydrate flavor and color. Deciding on blue tones was the clear conclusion, because we wanted these products to look refreshing. When we looked at popular athletic beverage brands, we noticed many used darker colors on their packaging, so we knew right away that it would be smart to design the packaging using more white space. Keeping the packaging simple also alludes to the fact that GoHydrate uses clean and natural ingredients.