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There are many great non-profit organizations out there in the world, but often they’re unable to afford promotional materials to get out the word for their cause. It can be disheartening to those organizations that want to spread their mission, but can’t afford to do so. Many agencies do pro bono work for non-profit organizations that they care deeply and passionately about, giving up their time, energy and creativity to help spread the word. At JB Chicago, we lend our services to Hope for the Silent Voices.


JB Chicago-Hope for the Silent Voices:

On my first day at working for JB Chicago, I was introduced to an organization that was near and dear to our creative director Christina’s heart. Hope for the Silent Voices is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring attention and resources to severely neglected, disadvantaged, abused and discarded people across the globe, striving to “give a voice to the vulnerable.” The organization has hosted many mission trips to places such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Some of their duties during their mission trips include giving nutritional and medicinal sustenance for special needs people in Sri Lanka, donating school uniforms to abused children in Latin America or providing education and safety measures for orphans and trafficked children in Cambodia. The employees at JB Chicago lend their talents by redesigning their website, updating their social media platforms and spreading the word through their clients. It has been a fulfilling relationship and we are so proud to work for such an amazing cause.




For more information on Hope for the Silent Voices, you can visit them here:



Twitter: @HopeSilentVoice

Instagram: @HopefortheSilentVoices