Helping those living with epilepsy reclaim their story

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, a not-for-profit organization that services 43 counties in Illinois, offers advocacy, case management, and education to those living with epilepsy and their loved ones. They approached us to help them tell their story and execute their mission more effectively, broadening their capabilities and reaching as wide an audience as possible.

Big ideas

Brand Idea

While other organizations focus on finding a cure for epilepsy, EFGC is focused on helping their constituents live their everyday lives. Whether it’s preparing for a job interview or joining a support group, EFGC is there to help you tell your story on your terms. It was with that thought in mind that we developed our brand idea: Seize the narrative. While “seize” may seem like a controversial word to use when discussing epilepsy, we discovered that those living with the condition found power and strength in owning something that can be daunting and scary.

Creative Branding

We were tasked with developing a new creative identity that fit in within their existing branding. Overall, our idea was for EFGC to look approachable yet powerful. “Seize” is a bold word with a palpable call to action, so we choose to use a bold font. “Narrative” needed to feel friendly and warm, because we are talking about an individual’s personal story. Ultimately mixing the two fonts worked because it complimented the new brand story. Along those same lines, we wanted to show colorful, inspiring images of people continuing to enjoy their lives because seizures don’t have to stop you from living your truth. The mix of large words like “success”, “advocate”, and “overcome” complimented the people in the images, showing that feeling of achievement come when you seize your narrative back from epilepsy.

Smart Tactics

Direct Mail

To introduce the new branding and creative to EFGC’s audience, we designed two different direct mail pieces that both used their new look and feel. One focused on the “seize the narrative” campaign while the other targeted people that participated in their past 5K run. With those two messages in mind, we tailored our imagery and copy accordingly. Our goal was to figure out if direct was still working as a source of donations and how to make it more efficient. Results are forthcoming.

Social Media

One tactic we were excited to execute for EFGC was social media, as we’ve seen great success using Facebook Advertising to market not-for-profit foundations. We took over management of EFGC’s Facebook and Twitter, using the brand voice and creative we developed to speak to both their existing audience and new constituents who may not know the foundation exists. Results are forthcoming.