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On average, you’re exposed to 5,000 advertisements a day. This definitely seems like an obscene amount, but most of the time you simply pass them by without giving them another thought. Only on rare occasions will an ad grab your attention and get you to think about it.

So if you’re an advertiser, how do you get an audience to actually notice your ad and remember it? One option is to embrace ordinary scenery and use it to your advantage by creating something unusual.

Here are a few brands that made your commute to work a bit more interesting.


Folger’s saw an opportunity with a manhole cover and created an eye-catching ad from something seen on every block of NYC.


Mr. Clean found a use for a dirty crosswalk and demonstrated how pristine the other lines could be if they, too, were washed with a Mr. Clean product.


P&G took advantage of an average scene — tangled phone lines. They used this site to promote their untangling Rejoice conditioner.

Tell me you wouldn’t remember a giant comb hovering over your head? Or that you wouldn’t crave a hot coffee after seeing a giant steaming cup on your walk to work? These ads stick out because they turned something you would normally tune out into something you can’t help but look at.