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Did you set 2018 goals to encourage a new you? Well, Spotify has created a campaign to help you get a laugh out of them. In their latest campaign, the company has curated many 2018 goals that revolve around the top music played in 2017. Some users find them fun, while others are concerned that the brand is crossing a line on privacy. Brands like Spotify and Netflix have started to incorporate data based on their consumers’ online activity into their advertising campaigns.

The usage of personal information in creative ways does not stop here. In fact, this may only be the beginning. World Market also toyed with the line of privacy in a much more advanced way. In their ad campaign, the hope was that by using personal information consumers would get the message “We know your small space”.

Of course with names and addresses being used, the company needed to obtain permission. However, what can be used without consent is the real question. Whether the trend of personal information being used in advertisements will continue to grow is unknown, but consumers should be prepared to address how much sharing they are comfortable with.