Senior living, redefined

Bloomfield Senior Living, a family-owned business that has been providing care for seniors for nearly 50 years, hired us to execute an impactful launch for a handful of senior living facilities. We developed a plan of attack that enabled them to stand out in this homogenous category — and also discovered a larger opportunity that propelled the brand.

Big ideas

First, we immersed ourselves in the brand and established what makes Bloomfield unlike any other senior living community.

Brand Idea

From this evolved not only a new name, but also a brand idea. Bloom Senior Living is about creating living environments where residents are given the tools, resources and encouragement to do something that isn’t talked about in this category: to flourish as human beings.

Creative Branding

We first established a visual tone that projected spunk and playfulness. When it came to typography, we aimed to balance contemporary modernism with warmth in both print and digital projects, catering to our audience of the elderly and their children by prioritizing legibility. The color palette and texture anchored the “bloom” concept, evoking feelings reminiscent of spring, growth and renewal.

Smart Tactics

Social Media

Given the audience, we knew Facebook was going to be our primary focus in the social space. Taking our creative branding as our starting platform, we created a whole new look and feel for Bloom’s Facebook page, increasing their social audience and driving traffic to the Bloom site.

Web Design + Print Marketing

We over hauled the Bloom website and applied the new creative to each area of the site. Keeping the audience in mind, we kept areas clean with the ability for our elderly user to bump up the font size if needed. Our printed materials showcase the playfulness of the brand to engage the target audience and encouraged folks to come in for a visit.

The Results

Sharp increase in inquires in highly competitive markets

An increase in census and more “word of mouth” referrals reported

Efficiencies across the board deceased operational costs

Developed a stronger, cohesive culture with all facilities branded under the same name