Chocolate that is so much more

Two Chicago parents were inspired by their young children to develop a line of healthy candy made with quality ingredients and distinctive flavors. Plus, a portion of every sale benefits a non-profit committed to giving children a better future, making this chocolate that tastes good and does good. Hoping to break into the commercial candy aisle with their delicious and nutritional treats, Sulpice came to us for help launching their new line of chocolate.

Big ideas

Brand Idea

What sets Sulpice’s chocolate apart from everything else in the candy aisle is how much better it is for you. It’s the same great taste, with 20 percent less sugar than any competitor and the added benefits of protein, fiber, chia & flax. Add in the fact they share their proceeds with non-profits benefitting kids, and you get a rename that reflects how good the chocolate is for your body and your soul: Better Bites. Because this is a company all about demanding better in terms of ingredients and the community – and now its products reflect that.

Creative Branding

The main concern for Better Bites was making sure it stood out against the numerous competitors. After going to all the stores in the River North area and researching the product, we came to a conclusion to go for a more natural chocolate palette with splashes of stark white. To play up the natural feeling even more, we incorporated sketched illustrations of item being mixed with the chocolate, in the case we are using peanuts. The thing that makes this look unique is the geometric edges and juxtaposed layout with a bold typography.

Smart Tactics

Package Design + Print Marketing

Better Bites have way more good for you benefits compared to the other chocolate it sits next to at the store. We wanted to highlight the benefits wit a bold condensed typeface on a dark color along with icons for the other call outs this delicious candy has. The colors help you tell immediately what you are getting with out having to read the flavor, making it easier for you to grab-n-go while feeling good about the choice you’ve made. With the printed materials we played up the geometric layout to draw in the consumer to learn more about the product.