In Agency

When I came to JB, there were two things I wanted to leave with:

1. A job

2. A worthwhile experience

(Spoiler alert: I got both.)

I never wanted to manage social media accounts — what I wanted was to get my foot in the door. My role as the spring intern at JB allowed me to do that. I spent my time here surrounded by talented people, who I watched work as a well-oiled machine. And while I wrote blog posts and brainstormed Instagram ideas, I wondered where I would work best in an agency. When I realized I would rather be managing the work than doing it, I spent the better half of my senior year interviewing professionals who had jobs I wanted. And it paid off, because I start my first post grad job next week.

However, I give some credit on that victory to JB. Coming from retail into agency wasn’t easy, and I am thankful to have had a time between the two that allowed me to adjust. I experienced different roles and was able to realize what I wanted to pursue and what I didn’t. I tried to take advantage of the environment at JB. It’s small, but heavy with talent that I desperately tried to learn from. I’m sad to leave this cozy little office, but I’m incredibly excited to start my new role as a Project Manager.

Thanks JB for the new skills, realizations, and generosity.