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Facebook’s custom audiences feature allows you to target and segment your customers with laser-like precision.

Custom audiences are an important tool to take advantage of in your Facebook advertising campaigns. They allow you to market to new, potential and returning customers at each point of the sales funnel with targeted ads.

At each stage, it’s important to keep in mind your goals for each audience and tailor your message accordingly.

Bringing new, qualified visitors to your site via lookalike audiences

Through custom audiences, you can build user lists based on your customer files or website records, e.g. customer phone numbers or email addresses.

This allows you to not only target your existing customers with Facebook ads, but to use their demographic data to profile ‘lookalike’ Facebook users.

Facebook will analyse your existing customers’ demographic profile – including age, location and interests – and build lists of potential new customers that share similarities with your current buyers.

Advertising to these audiences gives you an opportunity to expand your customer base in a cost-effective way by targeting only users that are more likely to buy from you.

Enticing previously qualified visitors back to your site

By placing a Facebook pixel on specific pages (i.e. URLs) on your website, you can retarget people that visited your site but did not convert on a particular action. For example, you could target visitors that browsed your product information pages or even added to cart but did not ultimately make a purchase.

Users that showed intent, but did not quite convert.

These are potentially lucrative audiences to target, and by hitting them with targeted ads on Facebook, you have another chance to convince them to buy from you.

Remarketing to people that engaged with your ads

Engagement audiences allow you to target users that have interacted with your Facebook ads (e.g. liked/commented/shared) but have not yet visited your website.

For example, advertisers that have been running video ads on Facebook – great for building brand awareness – can target users that demonstrated higher levels of interest based on engagement metrics such as how much of the ad a user viewed. This is a great pre-qualification to reach potential new customers.

Focus budget and boost profits with audience exclusions

With over a billion users, Facebook offers almost limitless potential to reach people. However, not everyone wants to hear your message, and you do not want to waste budget advertising to these people.

Audience exclusion is a powerful tool for ensuring that your ads do not reach users that you know are unlikely to be profitable for you.

For example, advertising womens’ shoes to male audiences is unlikely to make a return on investment. Sure, you may bag a few sales but this broad brush approach is unlikely to be profitable in a competitive environment like Facebook advertising.
Final comment

A profitable Facebook ad campaign is as much about who you do not target as it is who you do.

Custom audiences are one of the most important tools you can utilize to ensure you are reaching the right users with the right message at the time.

Done right, it allows us to reach potential new and existing customers with tailored messages that promote profitable actions in a way that few other advertising media can.

Give JB Chicago a call if you would like to discuss how we can utilize custom audiences for your Facebook advertising campaigns.