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There are roughly 80 million millennials in the United States. From those 80 million people, $170 billion is spent every year on products and services. It’s no wonder companies are going crazy figuring out the best ways to advertise to this group. They have higher expectations, higher demands and harsher criticisms of the brands advertised to them. They want to be understood, but not stereotyped. And unfortunately, growing up in this fast-paced world, these young-ins do not plan on slowing down for anyone— especially advertisers. It can be very difficult to connect your brand to this type of consumer. Lucky for you, listed below are three ways to overcome the feat that is advertising to millennials.

#1: Millennials are MORE than just millennials.

80 million individuals are not one in the same. Segment this group even further to create a more targeted audience for your brand. Are they married? Single? Hipsters? Introverts? Extroverts? Moviegoers? Book readers? Dive into all different types of psychographics that you feel best coincide with your brand’s benefit. PAW Research Center claims millennials range from 18-34 years old. An 18-year-old is going to think and act a lot differently than a 34-year-old. Who exactly is your brand’s consumer?

#2: Go beyond the print ad and create brand experiences.

The recent rise in social media has allowed brands to create instant two-way communications with their consumers on a highly personalized level. The best part? Many of these platforms are FREE. Utilize these to engage with consumers in a way that doesn’t feel like advertising, but rather like conversations with friends. Besides social media, find other ways to create experiences with your brand. The consumer should walk away from the interaction feeling hungry for your brand. Millennials, especially, are exposed to thousands of advertisements per day. In saying that, it is much easier for them to remember something they interacted with, rather than the billboard they saw driving down the highway.

#3: Consistency attracts loyalty. 

This age group, the younger half especially, is just beginning to decide what brands they like the most and least. They have not had years of experiences with multiple brands to be able to stay loyal to one. This is the largest demographic with the oppurtunity to create brand loyalty, but also the largest to lose brand loyalty from as well. Stay consistent with the qualities and benefits your brand offers. What benefit does your target audience gain from your brand? Keep giving it to them and more.

So, what’s the gist of it? Segment more deeply, generate experiences and stay consistent.