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With so much focus on the power of social media for marketing and promotion, many businesses are overlooking the possibilities it also offers for providing engaging customer service.

According to research by JD Power, over two-thirds of consumers surveyed said that they had used a social media platform for customer service in the last 12 months. And this figure is projected to grow.

Here are three companies that have embraced the power of customer service via social media and are reaping the rewards.
Whole Foods
@wholefoodsmarket and 250 other handles

Whole Foods has been a major innovator in the field of online customer service.

Promoting its products predominantly by posting yummy recipes (like the one below) is an important part of Whole Food’s social strategy.

However, it’s their customer service interactions that are the most important, accounting for “90 percent of our output on Twitter.” according to Marla Irwin, Art Director at Whole Foods.

On Twitter, the Whole Foods staff are always ready to answer questions like, “Can I get this at my local store?” or “What are your holiday hours going to be?” or “Can you tell me a gluten-free alternative to cornbread stuffing?”

While many other businesses like to leave their social media strictly in the hands of the marketing and PR departments, Whole Foods has employed a different strategy. With over 250 Twitter handles, Whole Foods has empowered staff across all areas of the business to engage in its social interaction. The result? An online customer service experience with sky-high satisfaction levels.
@NikeSupport and many others

Nike is renowned for their award-winning social media marketing exploits. But their social engagement does not end there.

As early as 2008, Nike launched its own Twitter handle completely dedicated to customer service and support queries. Since then, @NikeSupport has answered over 250k customer queries.

But here is where Nike really takes it to the next level: @NikeSupport supports eight different languages. Need to tweet them a question in Dutch? You will get an answer in Dutch.
@TMobileHelp and others

T-Mobile also runs their own customer service handle on Twitter – @TMobileHelp – and have answered a whopping 500,000 customer enquires through the social platform.

T-Mobile add a personal touch to each interaction by having staff members sign messages and tweets with their own names.

When questions get account-specific and need to be more private, staff will transition clients into direct messaging to further take care of their needs.

Take customer service inspiration from these social media rock stars, and make sure your business is meeting its consumers needs across all platforms.