Let Social Media Help You

Let’s talk about social media. You use it to communicate with your friends and family, but you may not realize that you’re also communicating with current or future employers. Why not use that to [...]

Don’t Stress

If you’re like me, stress is a big part of your life. It could be over one big thing or it could be over a few different little things. The problem is not having enough time to deal with the [...]

You Need Your Sleep

It’s something we love. It’s something we need. It’s something we are all deprived of. This week we are talking about sleep. “What about sleep?” you’re asking yourself. “Yeah, I obviously know I [...]

Gear Up, Chicago!

If you live in Chicago, the old-fashioned question “how about the weather we’re having?” is not a cheesy line to invite one into a conversation. It will lead to rants and complaints about the [...]