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Carousel ads allow brands to advertise on Facebook in a banner format. A Facebook user can scroll through a set of images in a single row and is able to click one of the images to follow a link to the brand’s chosen landing page. Your average carousel ad will display a few pictures of products you may have clicked on in the past, followed by the brand’s logo.

Not very exciting, right?

In advertising, creativity is important. Just because you’re using carousel ads doesn’t mean you have to do what everyone else is doing.

Take Chipotle for example — they used carousel ads to show a timeline:

Or Betty Crocker, who demonstrated an instructional carousel:

Havaianas used multiple images to create one panoramic effect:

Also, Progressive; who used a carousel to tell a story AND give tips:


If you ever decide to use carousel ads in your social advertising, make sure you have fun with it! A creative carousel will catch your audience’s attention and get them to interact with the ad.