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Communications: message + reach

Put it this way: We get it. An effective communications team will work with you from all angles: strategy to execution and everything in between, like project management, copy writing and development. Allow JB Chicago to be your guide through the journey of relaying your important messages. We’ll make sure they hear ya loud and clear.
Public Relations
The PR game is evolving, and it has grown to encompass social media engagement. New arenas mean new rules — does your company know how to play along?
Influencer Outreach
There are already people out there talking about your company. How about working with them to enable your message to reach a wider audience?
Message and Brand
Clear brand identity is one important element of an effective marketing strategy. JB Chicago will work with your style and your story to communicate your overall message.
Sales Promotion
Your promotional mix should be creative and unique, serving as a reflection of your business. Do your existing sales promotion pieces provide added value?