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Leveraging search engine marketing

Now that you have a solid site that tracks conversion, it’s time to get people there. Search engine marketing can convert clicks into clients. Using organic and paid results, our tried and true methods will increase your online visibility.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is as much art as it is science. JB Chicago specializes in identifying popular search terms used, especially in regards to localized search, to find information related to your company. We incorporate those necessary elements (domain name, title tags, metatags, naming conventions, relevant content and keywords) to get Google to recognize you, infusing the high-impact search terms in our Web site design and development methodologies. Our periodic review of search histories, company placement and click through rates helps you monitor and react to changing market conditions and consumer search habits while yielding maximum return. 

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You don’t manage your own 401k and investments; instead, you work with an advisor who knows the ins and outs of the business. Why should your PPC campaigns be any different? The pay-per-click model enables companies to only pay when their ad is clicked on, which means lower costs while easily gauging public interest — but you need someone who knows their stuff in order to get the best results.

JB Chicago uses the programmatic functionalities of the Google API to examine ongoing advertising campaigns, measuring and adjusting the effectiveness of individual keywords. This in-depth analysis and keyword adjustment will be geared toward maximizing click-through rates and increasing overall web traffic to the Web site in addition to providing the research needed for making informed decisions and suggestions regarding new keywords and campaigns.

This includes — but is not limited to — geo-targeting and cross-marketing opportunities in both the public and private sector. The ultimate goal in monitoring and managing these pay-per-click campaigns is to ensure that the advertising budget being spent to pay for clicks to the Web site through Google AdWords results in the highest return on investment in terms of converted sales and conversion rates — conversion rates being defined as those clicks resulting in qualified leads and sales of books and merchandise.

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